Gold Alliance Capital Review

Gold Alliance Capital Review

Gold Alliance Capital is one of dozens of companies offering precious metals IRA services. But they're a relative newcomer on the scene, only having been operating since 2017. Even so, they seem to have developed a loyal following. How did they get so many customers? And are those customers actually happy with their service?

Here's what you should know about Gold Alliance Capital before you decide to make an investment.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Joseph Sherman (CEO)
  • Rating: 4/5

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About Gold Alliance Capital

Gold Alliance Capital Review

Gold Alliance Capital has been operating since 2017, but it was acquired by a company that was created in 2002. The founders of the company already had years of experience in finance and precious metals. Combined with the staff of the previous company, there's a high level of expertise in the management.

Gold Alliance Capital states that their main mission is to help with financial security. They help people in the US to acquire precious metals, since these assets provide a hedge against inflation and protection against Wall Street volatility. Some people also prefer these investments because they are beyond the reach of the government.

According to the company's website, Gold Alliance Capital wants to be a trusted industry leader that helps people secure precious metals with their retirement funds. They pride themselves on having positive reviews and a customer-first approach to service. Based on the excellent online reputation, they seem to be doing well at adhering to this model.

Gold Alliance Capital states that you can expect the following when you work with them:

  • The ability to work with the Senior Portfolio Management team on balancing your portfolio, acquiring new assets, and learning about the market.
  • The ability to contact your personal Account Executive whenever you have questions; you'll work with the same person throughout your relationship with the company.
  • Emails, articles, and video content related to global economic news and the state of the industry.
  • Ongoing support with paperwork related to your portfolio and taking distributions once you reach the right age.

The company says that its biggest values are honesty, transparency, integrity, and experience. They strive to communicate plainly and easily with every potential client. Throughout your relationship with the company, they will be willing to offer insights about how to take care of your portfolio.

Gold IRA Services

Gold Alliance Capital Review

Gold Alliance Capital focuses chiefly on gold IRAs. You can purchase precious metals with your retirement funds and hold them in a licensed depository. To do this, you will also need a valid custodian to take care of the assets. The process of creating a gold IRA can be overwhelming if you aren't familiar with IRS regulations, so Gold Alliance Capital aims to help.

On the Gold Alliance Capital website, there are three main steps listed for creating your IRA.

Open the Account

In 1997, the IRS legalized holding certain precious metals in an individual retirement account. These alternative assets can only be held within a self-directed IRA. You also need to comply with strict regulations regarding the types of metals and their storage and maintenance.

A traditional IRA is not able to hold alternative assets like precious metals, cryptocurrency, or real estate. These retirement accounts are made up of traditional investments like stocks and bonds. When you create a self-directed IRA, you have total control over everything you buy, unlike your traditional account, which is managed by a professional investment manager.

Gold Alliance Capital states that they can help you with the process of creating your self-directed IRA. They'll explain the minutiae of the regulations and then walk you through the paperwork.

Fund the Account

If you want to create a retirement protection plan with Gold Alliance Capital, you'll need to transfer funds into your self-directed IRA. The most common way to do this is by rolling over funds from your existing retirement account. This can be done without any penalties as long as it happens within 60 days.

You are the person in charge of your account. Though Gold Alliance Capital will help you to facilitate these rollovers, they never have access to your funds themselves. You're the one in control throughout the process.

The company also emphasizes that you shouldn't invest all of your wealth into precious metals. A diverse portfolio involves investments in multiple different areas. That way, if one part of the economy struggles, your other assets can carry you through until it stabilizes.

According to the company, they make a strong effort to keep errors from happening during the transaction. You can consult with one of the gold IRA experts for free. They will guide you through the entire process of facilitating your rollover.

Buy Precious Metals

Gold Alliance Capital Review

After the funds are in your account, you can buy the precious metals. You'll just have to make sure that you purchase items that are approved for use in an IRA. There are strict guidelines regarding the type of item, the purity, and the material.

When you work with the company, you will be given a dedicated Account Executive. This person is always available to answer your questions. They will develop a personal relationship with you as you go forward. Once they have a better sense of your needs and desires, they'll be able to advise you better on future portfolio choices.

You can talk to this representative about your concerns and needs for the future. Maybe you have special circumstances, or certain goals for growth, or certain hesitations. Your representative will consider all of this and then help you select the gold and silver items that work best for your needs. You'll also have the option to invest in palladium and platinum if you want.

Gold Asset Capital continues to work with customers long after their initial purchase. If you have any questions in the future, you can reach out. Even if you're not planning to make a purchase, you can still ask for insights. The company is willing to help with paperwork regarding the storage and upkeep of your assets, which is very helpful if you change your custodian or beneficiary.

In addition, buybacks are available. The company website says that they cannot legally guarantee that they will buy back your precious metals. But they haven't ever denied a customer a buyback option in the past.


The buyback program is an option when you're ready to liquidate your precious metals. You have the right to sell your precious metals to whoever you want. But the company says that they hope you'll consider them, since they will offer a higher price than much of the competition.

If your precious metals are not being held in an IRA, you can simply call the company and get a quote for the metals. That price locks as soon as the customer agrees to it.

Is Gold Alliance Capital a Scam?

Gold Alliance Capital Review

Gold Alliance Capital is not a scam. The company has a variety of positive reviews across different third party organizations. For example, the BBB gives them a rating of 4.96 out of 5 stars based on about 170 reviews. There have only been four complaints in the past three years, none of which were filed during the last year.

There is no question that this company provides the services that they claim to. But let's take a look at some of the reviews and complaints.

Positive Customer Reviews

There are far more positive customer reviews than complaints. On the BBB website alone, there are 168 reviews, the overwhelming majority of which are positive. It's also worth noting that the company has made an effort to respond to every review, whether positive or negative.

One customer said that he went into the process with absolutely no experience with precious metals. He didn't know anything about the industry, nor about investing. He said that all of the representatives he worked with had a strong air of professionalism and were willing to answer his questions.

The CEO responded to thank the customer for the kind review. He said that he intended to keep providing the same high level of service in the future.

Another customer also stated that it was the first time she had bought precious metals. Everybody she interacted with was professional and helpful. All of her questions were answered. She concluded by saying that she would happily recommend the company to any of her friends and family. Once again, the CEO responded with thanks.

One customer posted a review specifically to thank the company. He said that he was very grateful that they had set up his accounts and acted so professionally. The customer service team was pleasant to work with, and the customer was very pleased to continue doing business in the future.

One customer said that their experience with the customer service team was very pleasant. The representative was patient and able to answer all of their questions. Meanwhile, another team member was able to easily process the person's documents.

They said they were happy to be able to invest in precious metals and balance their portfolio. In addition, they said that all of the printed materials and the website materials were very well laid out.

Obviously we can't look at every single positive review of the company. We'll close with just one more. A customer said that he was extremely impressed with the overall communication. The representatives explained the total process and he felt comfortable. After he made his purchase, there were followups through emails, texts, and calls. He said he felt cared about and was pleased with his choice of company.

Customer Complaints

Gold Alliance Capital Review

Only four complaints have been filed within the previous three years. There is also an alert on the BBB website telling customers that they should contact the company directly about any issues. This is faster than filing a complaint and should help rectify the problems.

Since there haven't been any complaints filed within the last year, it seems that this customer service approach has worked. If there were any systemic problems with Gold Alliance Capital prior to this, hopefully they've been solved. The company does still maintain an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, which is their highest rating.

Of the complaints, three were related to issues with a product or service. One was related to issues with the delivery.

None of the complaints are listed on the BBB website anymore, so we can't see the specifics. Given the continued A+ rating, we can take this to mean that they were resolved. Customers sometimes ask the BBB to remove complaints on a company's behalf after a problem is fixed.

It's a little disappointing that we can't see the complaints and how the company responded. But it's good to know that everything appears to have been resolved. Again, given the lack of further complaints this year, it seems that the customer service staff have taken care of any consumer issues.

Pros & Cons of Gold Alliance Capital


  • Positive customer reviews with very few complaints, all of which have been resolved.
  • Solid buyback program once you're ready to liquidate.
  • Free storage options available when you purchase precious metals.
  • Good insurance policies on your accounts and in-transit purchases.


  • No prices posted online, which some other companies do provide.
  • The company does not appear to carry palladium.

Final Thoughts

Gold Alliance Capital is a very impressive company. Though they have not been around for a long time, they have quickly garnered a big following. Many people come to the company based on the recommendations of others. There are hundreds of positive reviews online and very few complaints. When there are complaints, the CEO himself makes an effort to resolve them.

It makes sense that Gold Alliance Capital maintains an A+ with the BBB and high ratings with other organizations. There's no question that they provide the services they claim to. They also have a strong air of professionalism. Several customers have stated that the team helped them feel comfortable investing in precious metals for the first time, even when they didn't know much to start with.

There are just a few things that you should keep in mind. One is that there doesn't seem to be a large selection of palladium available. So if your heart is set on palladium investment, this might not be the company for you. With that said, there is a large amount of gold and silver to choose from.

The prices for different items also aren't listed on the website. Some precious metals companies will incorporate an algorithm into their site. This allows it to show you the price of their items in real time, based on the market spot price. With Gold Alliance Capital, you'll have to call to get a quote instead.

Finally, it's possible that their approach isn't quite as streamlined as that of competing gold IRA companies. But it is very solid. Many customers have stated that getting set up was easy and convenient.

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