Chards Coin And Bullion Review

Chards Coin And Bullion Review

Chards Coin and Bullion is a UK-based precious metals dealer that has been in the industry for over half a century. They're one of the most established coin dealers in the UK and globally, but are they worth their reputation? How do they compare to their modern competition?

Most importantly, are the company's practices actually legitimate?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Lawrence Chard
  • Rating: 4/5

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About Chards Coin and Bullion

Chards Coin And Bullion Review

The company was founded in 1964 in Liverpool. It has continued to thrive throughout the last 52 years. There is a team of expert staff who can answer questions, explain the different coins, and help you make the right decisions for your investment.

The company guarantees that you'll always talk to a trained team member when you dial their phone number. If you're talking to a trainee, you'll be told right away. Otherwise, every customer service representative is an expert in the precious metals and coin industry.

Chards works on the motto of "Inform, Educate, Inspire." They have created a website that's packed with educational information for those who want to learn. You can easily check the spot prices of precious metals, read about the history of the industry, and learn why precious metals investments are worthwhile.

Like many of the best precious metals dealers, Chards believes that an educated customer is the best customer. They want to empower consumers to truly choose the right products for them. The salespeople aren't there to sell as many coins as possible, they're there to help the customer succeed.

Another helpful aspect of the company is that they publish all of their premiums. They believe that transparency is of the utmost importance in the precious metals industry, especially since it's so easy to spread misinformation and unethical practices. So they explain exactly how they calculate their prices.

Company History

Chards Coin And Bullion Review

Chards Coin and Bullion was founded by Lawrence Chard. He grew up as the grandson of the owner of a penny arcade. From his childhood, he was fascinated by coins. He was interested more in sorting them than in doing any other busy work or play when he was about seven years old.

In the beginning, the company was a very minor coin dealership. Rather than having an inventory of their own, Lawrence worked with his cousin to find the British coins that customers wanted in the arcade. Eventually, that progressed to opening a shop. Lawrence's cousin sold his shares in the shop when he went to college in about 1965.

The company grew steadily over the next three years, until Lawrence was able to purchase the company's current location. In 2015, the owner's daughter joined the company after finishing her pharmacist career. She decided that she wanted to be part of the family business, and now she assists with coin grading and operations.

Chards purchased a second location in 2012. At the time, it was a rundown fixer-upper. Now, it's undergone a complete refurbishment and looks beautiful.

Selling Your Precious Metals

Chards Coin And Bullion Review

In addition to selling precious metals, Chards also purchases precious metals from customers. They will purchase a variety of gold coins, silver coins, gold scrap metal, and silver scrap metal. You can find a full list of the items that they buy on their website.

There isn't any minimum or maximum amount that you can offer. If you have any gold or silver that you want to sell, you can bring it in. For those outside the UK, you can also use their long-distance service. This allows people to ship in their gold and silver even if they're halfway across the globe.

Their buy-in service is somewhat unique. It is a special door to door option that involves shipping your package fully insured. You still get the full insurance and convenience no matter how much metal you're selling.

If you are in the UK, you can send your coins or scrap metal to the company using the Royal Mail service. But they mention that they'd rather see you in person at their retail location if possible. You can make appointments to visit online. The staff will show you everything the company has to offer, and they'll evaluate your items right there.

All of the prices are listed on the website. If you decide that the price is agreeable, you can give the company a call to get started. There's also a live chat option available if you'd prefer to start the exchange over text.

Royal Mail vs Distance Buyin

Chards Coin And Bullion Review

Those in the UK might be wondering whether it's best to use the distance program or the Royal Mail to send their coins to the company.

According to the Chards website, it's a good idea to use the Royal Mail for values below 2,500 pounds. That way, you can get full insurance on the package. You should split larger packages up so that each holds only 2,500 pounds, ensuring that you have a full insurance policy for everything you're selling.

If you're selling a small amount of metals, the Royal Mail is less expensive than the distance service. But there are customers who prefer to use the distance service because of how convenient it is to have someone come right to your door.

Both options are available to people in the UK. It's just a matter of which one you prefer the most.

Available Products

Chards Coin And Bullion Review

Chards Coin and Bullion is best known for being a coin dealer. They mostly work with gold and silver, but they do occasionally have platinum as well.

You can browse the Best Deals category on the website to find the best valued products of the day. This is a great choice for people who want to purchase precious metals based on melt value without caring much about the specific item.

If you have a specific type of bullion that you want, the Best Deals section has subcategories. You can browse by gold, silver, platinum, and non-metal accessories.

The Gold section of the website also has multiple subcategories. There are the best sellers, where you can see which coins and bars are the most popular on any given day. Then you can browse by coins, bars, gift ideas, and accessories. The same breakdown of subcategories is available for the Silver section.

All in all, Chards appears to have a robust inventory of various gold and silver. The website is pleasantly easy to navigate, making it simple to find whatever you happen to be looking for.

There are also several digital bullion services available, proving that the company has catapulted into the modern age. You can store your bullion and access the account digitally, or create a savings account to purchase small amounts of gold over time. Multiple vaulted storage options are available for those who want to protect their gold in secure areas.

Is Chards Coin and Bullion a Scam?

Chards Coin And Bullion Review

Chards Coin and Bullion is not a scam. This is one of the most well-established companies in the UK. Since starting as coin sellers in the 1960's, the business has grown to encompass two locations, 15 employees, and a global network of clients.

Now, companies aren't always good just because they're old. Sometimes they can't keep up with the competition.

But that doesn't seem to be an issue for Chards. They have a website that's clean and simple to use, with a combination of product information and educational tools. They post all their pricing and transparency directly on the site. They have clear explanations of their policies and services.

In addition to the well-designed website, they also have an overwhelmingly excellent online reputation. Thousands of people have written positively about their experiences through third party websites. They're one of the most beloved precious metals companies in the UK. And people in the UK can be scathing when it comes to gold dealers.

All of this seems to indicate that the service is indeed as good as rumored. Yes, we can recommend shopping here. And if you don't mind the cost of the long distance selling process, you can ship your scrap metal out for a transparent quote as well.

Pros & Cons of Chards Coin And Bullion


  • UK coin and precious metals dealer with over 50 years of experience.
  • Thousands of positive online consumer reviews.
  • Door to door buy-in program that lets you sell your own precious metals without leaving your house, even overseas.


  • No IRA services offered, since it's a UK-based corporation run by non-Americans.
  • May not have the largest selection of certain American coins.

Final Thoughts

Chards Coin and Bullion is a charming precious metals dealership that has been serving the UK for over 50 years. The company is both legitimate and extremely well-reviewed, having one of the most positive reputations in the UK. They also ship their products globally, and all prices are updated in real time on the website.

There are multiple convenience features when you use these services. The selling program allows you to ship your items without ever leaving your house. A courier will come to your address to pick the package up personally. The company also accepts scrap metal, when many dealers don't.

All in all, this does seem to be a very solid and transparent company to do business with. There's just the drawback that they don't offer IRA services. You can't browse the categories by IRA-approved metals. IRAs are exclusively American, and a UK company has very little reason to be interested in US tax law.

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