BullionMax Review

BullionMax Review

Many investors agree that precious metals are a vital component of a healthy investment portfolio. They are a tangible asset that performs well in comparison to intangible assets, like stocks. Precious metals provide some level of security during times of economic turbulence. But how can you make sure that you're buying from the right company?

BullionMax is an extremely new player in the precious metals scene. The company has only been in operation since 2020. That shouldn't be enough time to garner a reputation, and yet BullionMax has begun to turn heads. So what should you know about this up and coming precious metals business?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Steve Emmett (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Rating: 3.5/5

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About BullionMax

BullionMax Review

BullionMax first came into being in 2020. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the company is inexperienced. It's a new name, but the team that built the company have nearly a century of combined experience. That might be part of how they've managed to set themselves apart and create such a stir in such a short period of time.

The company's biggest emphasis is on customer service. Not only do they try to ensure that every customer has a positive experience, but they also tailor their approach to each individual. Every consumer gets personalized attention.

BullionMax has some of the lowest prices on the market when compared to the competition. In some ways, this is a little worrying -- are they selling coins at a loss? If so, they'll go bankrupt sooner rather than later.

But assuming that the management team knows what they're doing, it's very impressive. Many new companies aren't able to offer the same pricing as more established institutions because they don't have the networking yet. Bigger investors can buy mass amounts of inventory at wholesale prices, while smaller companies can't.

Another aspect of the company is their limited product selection. But they limit their inventory on purpose. You won't find any basic collectibles or numismatics here. Instead, they stock only the most essential gold and silver pieces. This makes it easier for customers to finalize a purchase, and it makes it easier for them to process and ship orders.

That's a smart approach. They seem to have gauged how much work they can manage, and they've decided not to move beyond it. It's especially good considering how quickly the company has grown in just its first year of existence.

Available Products

BullionMax Review

So let's take a look at the limited list of their products. Many of these pieces come from official mints all over the world. Some can also be held in IRAs, although the company does not distinguish between IRA-eligible and non-IRA products.


BullionMax Review

The company carries gold coins, bars, and some gold proofs. Among their selection are:

  • American Eagle coins
  • Canadian Wolverine coins
  • Australian Striped Marlin coins
  • Canadian Wild Horse coins
  • Australian Bottlenose Dolphin coins
  • Canadian Twin Maple Leaf coins
  • Perth Mint bars in multiple sizes
  • Valcambi bars in multiple sizes

As you can see, they do stock some of the more obscure offerings from official mints. You don't often see Bottlenose Dolphin or Wild Horse coins available for investors. But they have the same quality as American Eagles and Maple Leafs.


BullionMax Review

You can get all the same types of items in silver that you can in gold. In addition, the company offers silver rounds. These are stamped with a variety of pretty, novelty designs.

You can purchase bars from a variety of mints in 1 ounce, 10 ounces, or 100 ounces. There's also a 100 gram Valcambi bar available. No other mints have a 100 gram bar listed.

The silver rounds are relatively limited. You can either get an official one ounce Buffalo, or you can get a generic ounce with a design from any of many different mints.

Some of the unique silver coins available include:

  • British Britannia
  • Australian Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Chinese Panda
  • British Queens Beasts Lion
  • America the Beautiful Tuskegee Airmen

It's possible that some of these might become collectibles, since the mints might not make more of them. But right now, they're priced the same way that normal bullion would be, rather than being priced based on speculation.

Selling Your Metals

BullionMax Review

BullionMax allows people to sell their own precious metals, as long as they have a minimum of $1,000 to liquidate.

Unfortunately, unlike some companies, BullionMax doesn't publish its offers in real time on its website. Instead, you have to call if you have an interest in selling. The person on the phone will ask you about your items and their condition. Then they will give you an offer.

If you take the offer, the price will be locked in. You'll be given directions for how to package and mail the items. You should insure the package in case it gets lost in the mail. Once the package has arrived and the metals have been tested, you will receive your payment.

Knowledge Base

BullionMax Review

The Knowledge Base is a large part of the BullionMax website. This is an educational center where people can learn about investing, precious metals, storage, and general information about the economy. All of the information is helpfully organized. In fact, the company breaks it down into four sections:

  • Fundamentals of investing
  • Fundamentals of metals
  • Mining precious metals
  • Security

The fundamentals of investing teaches newcomers about how investing works and why a balanced portfolio is important. Similarly, the fundamentals of metals explores the history of precious metals, why they are valued as a part of a balanced portfolio, and what you should know about the available products.

The mining section talks about current mining operations, which affect the world's supply of precious metals. You'll learn about how different kinds of mines work and how metal is refined.

The security section talks about how important it is to store your metals safely. Your home can be compromised in a break-in or natural disaster, but a storage depository can't.

Is BullionMax a Scam?

BullionMax Review

BullionMax is not a scam. The company has a number of excellent reviews online, with hundreds of people indicating that they got the services that were promised. In fact, most customers have been extremely happy with their experiences. It's rare to find complaints about the company.

There have not been any complaints or reviews written for the company on the Better Business Bureau page. The BBB has given them an accreditation. They have an A- rating rather than an A+, but the listed reason for that is just the length of time that the business has been operating. Assuming it continues to operate like this for the next few years, an A+ rating won't be far behind.

The only real thing that might be considered a drawback is the company's lack of industry experience. Since they haven't been around for a long time, it's hard to tell whether they'll continue to be well-managed and to evolve with the times. Most small businesses fail within the first five years.

But so far, all of the feedback seems to be good. Things are looking up for this precious metals dealer.

One thing to keep in mind is that BullionMax does not seem to have any IRA services. No pages on their website reference IRAs or talk about creating an account. So if you want a precious metals dealer that has expertise in retirement accounts, you'll probably want to work with someone more established.

Another note is that there's free shipping on orders greater than $199. That's a great deal if you're planning to invest quite a bit of money into your precious metals purchase. But there are some competitors who offer free shipping at lower price points. Some don't have a price threshold at all!

Pros & Cons of BullionMax


  • Pricing is super competitive.
  • There is the option to sell your own precious metals to the company.
  • There are several hundred positive customer reviews online, despite the company only being in business for a year.


  • As a new company, they might still be in the "make-or-break" stage.
  • No free shipping is available until you purchase at least $199 in items.
  • No IRA services are offered, with the company not even mentioning IRAs anywhere on their website.

Final Thoughts

BullionMax is a very promising company. It has grown quickly and received excellent feedback from its customers thus far. As long as the owners are able to balance their finances and expand intelligently, this could be one of the big mainstream competitors soon.

In addition to the positive reviews, the company boasts extremely low prices compared to the competition. They do have free shipping when you reach a certain threshold, and they have a pretty good selection of bullion available for purchase.

Right now, their BBB rating is an A-. But the only reason the BBB gives is the newness of the organization. There haven't been any red flags, complaints, or other potential issues.

Of course, there are some considerations to take into account. We can't recommend this company to those who want to open a precious metals IRA, because they don't offer IRA services. They don't appear to have the expertise to help with the setup, and they don't have the option to sort their products by IRS-approved metals only.

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