Monetary Metals Review

Monetary Metals Review

Does the idea of investing in precious metals intrigue you? How about leasing your precious metals and making money by charging interest on them? This is a different idea than what you'll find with most other precious metals investment companies, and it is what sets Money Metals apart from the rest.

But, how exactly does leasing work? Is it profitable and worth your time? Continue reading to learn more about Money Metals and what they offer.

  • Product Type: Gold Yield Marketplace
  • Owner: Keith Weiner
  • Rating: 2.7/5

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About Monetary Metals

Monetary Metals Review

Monetary Metals was founded by Keith Weiner in 2012. The company website states that the company is "one a mission to Unlock the Productivity of Gold." They want to help their customers maximize their earning potential through gold and silver investments.

While this may sound similar to what other precious metals investment companies say, the approach that Monetary Metals takes to achieve this goal is actually quite different. While other precious metals companies give clients the opportunity to purchase gold and silver coins and bars, Monetary Metals helps its customers earn a yield by leasing their gold to other business. We'll take a deeper look at exactly how this works in a moment.

Investing with Monetary Metals

Monetary Metals Review

As we mentioned above, Monetary Metals operates differently from most other gold and silver companies. Rather than selling coins and bars, they focus on working with their clients to help them earn interest by leasing their precious metals.

If you hold your gold in a vault and don't do anything, you are missing out on potential profits. Monetary Metals believes you should invest it with them in their unique Gold Yield Marketplace.

Various companies, such as mints and jewelers, pay to lease gold through the marketplace. The lease agreement states that these companies will pay interested on the precious metals in the form of gold, increasing your overall profits.

The specific interest rate charged can vary from one customer to the next based on different factors. To get a general idea of how much money you can expect to earn, look at the interest rates that have been charged in the past. Leases have paid Monetary Metals clients between 2% and 4.5% in interest. The average amount of interested charged is 3.2%.

As an example to help you see the earning potential, imaging that you started the year with 200 ounces of gold and used Monetary Metals Gold Yield Marketplace to lease your metals to another company. By the end of the year, you could expect to have about 206.4 ounces of gold, based on the average interest rate.

You also remain in control of the interest rate that will be charged for your gold. If you'd like, you can set a minimum rate. When you do this, you will never receive less than your minimum, but you could receive more.

With Monetary Metals, you can also lease silver. The Marketplace works the same for silver as it does for gold.


Monetary Metals Review

Monetary Metals uses its gold leasing program to help companies receive needed financing for various projects and undertakings. Compared to other methods of receiving funds, such as loans, Monetary Metals gold leases offer a more flexible and reliable approach. They also cost less for companies than many other options.

Jewelers, refineries, mints, bullion dealers, pawn brokers, and other business that use gold can benefit from Monetary Metals gold lease financing options.

Gold Economics Blogs

Monetary Metals Review

To learn more about Monetary Metals and their approach to gold leasing, check out the blog section on the website. You can read through the articles on the blog do deepen your understanding of how everything works and decide whether you think you could benefit from leasing your gold with Monetary Metals.

As an example of the types of articles you can find on the blog, here are five of the most recent blog posts as of the time this article was published:

  • Six Reasons Why Gold is the Best Money
  • How much is the Gold Cube Worth?
  • This is Not the Silver Breakout You're Looking For!
  • How Not to Think About Gold
  • We Need the Sound Money Virus

Gold Exchange Podcast

Monetary Metals Review

You can also learn invaluable information through the Gold Exchange Podcast, which is available through Monetary Metal's website. This free podcast currently has over 20 episodes that cover a range of topics, including "The Original and Machinations of the Federal Reserve," "Reimagining Physical Gold," and "The Pressing Problem with 'Money Printing.'"

Is Monetary Metals a Scam?

Monetary Metals Review

While Monetary Metals offers a different approach to investing in precious metals than many other companies, they are not a scam company. With more than 10 years of experience, Monetary Metals is a legitimate company that offers the services described on the website.


  • Monetary Metals is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.
  • Monetary Metals helps investors earn interest by leasing their gold and silver investments.
  • Mints, jewelry, bullion dealers, gold producers, and refineries are among the clients that lease precious metals through Monetary Metals and pay interest to investors.
  • The company's average interest rate is 3.2%.
  • Monetary Metal's Gold Exchange Podcast can help you learn more about how the company operates.

Pros & Cons of Monetary Metals


  • If you choose to lease your gold and silver, you can receive around 3.2% interest.
  • Monetary Metals has connections with a variety of bullion dealers, jewelers, and other reputable companies.
  • You have the potential to make a profit with minimal effort of your part.


  • Monetary Metals approach towards investing in precious metals is more complex than other gold investment companies.
  • There are limited online reviews for the company.

Final Thoughts

What do you think? Are you intrigued by the concept of making money through charging interest when leasing your precious metals? Or, do you think you're looking for a company that offers a more traditional approach to investing in gold and silver?

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