JM Bullion Gold IRA Review

JM Bullion Gold IRA Review

Gold IRAs provide a more reliable retirement account hedging choice in light of other options high volatility. Yet, it takes work to discover a gold IRA firm with the expertise you need to trust your money with them.

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Now, we'll be examining JM Bullion. We have combed through user and expert evaluations of JM Bullion to provide an in-depth look at the company's services, customer service and more.

JM Bullion's Background

JM Bullion Gold IRA Review

JM Bullion has been in business since 2011, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Anything from silver and gold to copper, palladium and platinum may be purchased from this business. JM Bullion is different from other precious metals dealers in that instead of just providing a paper receipt, consumers receive the actual goods they ordered.

JM Bullion, which started with only two workers, has grown to employ nearly a hundred people. In fact, in 2019, JM Bullion was named the U.S.'s fastest-growing firm in its industry. It presently generates more than $650 million annually in revenue.

Customer evaluations consistently praise JM Bullion for being more economical than its competitors and accommodating, honest and straightforward. In particular, many clients praise JM Bullion for its dependability and ease with acquiring precious metals and opening a gold IRA with JM Bullion's affiliate, New Direction IRA.

JM Bullion has received hundreds of excellent reviews on the internet. Problems with deliveries and missing merchandise are among the complaints from dissatisfied consumers. Even when JM Bullion is not at fault, customer care often resolves these complaints.

Merits and Demerits of JM Bullion

JM Bullion is an e-commerce platform offering bullion and gold coins, among other precious metals, to customers worldwide. The company is a bullion dealer, so it can sell gold bars but not hold them for customers with gold IRAs.

Please be aware that JM Bullion does not facilitate any deals that do not include the actual delivery of goods. JM Bullion does not participate in paper gold transactions like other gold dealers. Although it does not provide gold storage, it has a partner storage facility that it recommends to clients interested in storing gold for personal use or a gold IRA.


JM Bullion has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a major plus in the company's favor. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.64-star rating from almost 1,000 customer reviews.

JM Bullion has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a high customer satisfaction rate. It uses this to avoid raising prices for its clientele so that purchases exceeding $199 may be delivered at no cost to the buyer.

Last but not least, the transaction will happen more smoothly than with many other organizations since JM Bullion works with a safe facility for storing gold and other precious metals. In contrast to most precious metals merchants, who solely deal in the actual sale of the metals, this one also has a reliable storage partner available.


The first drawback on our short list of disadvantages is not so much an issue with JM Bullion as with the existing rules and regulations. When reporting gold and other precious metals for sale and purchase, this firm does everything by the book.

Moreover, JM Bullion does not provide any precious metals vaulting services. This differentiates JM from its rivals, several of which provide gold storage. Nevertheless, they also have relationships with storage facilities that, in conjunction with the company's linked custodians, can supply everything you need to open a gold IRA.

Another thing to remember is a hold-up between ordering gold bullion bars or coins from JM Bullion and receiving that shipment.

JM Bullion Gold IRAs

JM Bullion Gold IRA Review

Unfortunately, JM Bullion does not provide any IRA service. Even though JM Bullion does not directly offer gold IRAs, it works with several reputable custodians that can help you open a gold IRA. These companies can help you set up a gold IRA, a retirement account with gold as an investment. With a gold IRA, you can buy, sell and store gold in a retirement account.

The recommended companies that JM Bullion works with are reliable, trustworthy and experienced in setting up gold IRAs. They will help you set up the gold IRA account and provide information, guidance and support. You can also buy gold coins, bars and other precious metals from these companies to add to your gold IRA.

In addition to helping you set up the gold IRA, these companies provide tax guidance and help you take advantage of any available tax benefits. They may also have other services such as storage and security, to help you protect and grow your gold IRA.

Although JM Bullion does not provide gold IRAs, consumers can return their gold and other precious metals for a refund. Customers of JM Bullion are advised to phone the company to obtain the most up-to-date repurchase pricing available. The store boasts of having the highest buyback pricing in the industry.

Gold IRAs Through JM Bullion's Preferred Custodian

Even though JM Bullion does not directly provide gold IRAs, the business does collaborate with local facilities and custodians to assist consumers in opening an account.

You can put some or all of your retirement or other investment funds into gold with a gold individual retirement account. Investing in a gold IRA is preferable to direct stock market investment because of its tax advantages and greater stability it provides throughout retirement.

New Direction IRA, a local custodian and A-M Global Logistics, a nearby facility, are integral to JM Bullion's operations.

JM Bullion Products and Services

JM Bullion Gold IRA Review

Let's look at some of the actual items and services that JM Bullion offers now that we have a better knowledge of some of the retailer's benefits and negatives and its relationship with other firms to complement its offerings.

Buying of Gold and Other Precious Metals

First, JM Bullion provides a large selection of precious metals. You may get your hands on Gold Buffalo coins, Gold Eagles and any other regular issue United States gold currency struck by the mint before 1933.

JM Bullion provides a wide range of overseas items and those made in the United States. For instance, you may get a wide selection of Mexican coins, Canadian coins, commemorative items from the Canadian mint, South African Krugerrands and several varieties of British gold.

In addition to the Gold Panda and other Chinese gold items, you may also buy gold from Australia and Europe, as well as Disney and other Western treasures. JM Bullion has a wide selection of gold bullion bars for individuals who want a more generic product.

JM Bullion also has silver in comparable quantities to its gold inventory. You may shop for silver coins, bars and rounds in addition to silver sculptures. Silver bullets are available from JM Bullion, albeit not intended for combat use.

This corporation gets its silver from the same global suppliers it uses for its gold. The Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, The Simpsons and Marvel may all be found in coin form for purchase.

In addition to gold and silver, JM Bullion also sells platinum, palladium and iridium. While less extensive than their gold and silver offerings, JM Bullion sells smaller quantities of copper, palladium and platinum.

Selling Back Gold and Other Precious Metals

In addition to buying gold, silver and other precious metals, JM Bullion also buys them back if you already own any. You may use the JM Buyback Tool or call in to sell your products.

Users increasingly gravitate toward the tool since it is hands-off and convenient (you never have to talk to a salesperson). If you want to be sure you get the greatest price for your precious metals, you can even lock in the rate when it works for you using this handy tool.

You may sell your gold or silver to JM Bullion using their email service, in addition to their buyback tool and phone service. You may accomplish the same result by using either of these approaches. You may secure a price for your things and quantities and then send the firm your precious metals. Payment will be made when JM Bullion has had a chance to inspect and authorize your shipment.

It is quite easy to send precious metals to this firm. JM Bullion provides shipping labels; all you need to do is pack your products safely, affix them and take them to any UPS drop-off station. Whenever JM Bullion receives cargo, it pays the consumer within three business days.

Pricing Information

JM Bullion Gold IRA Review

Unsurprisingly, New Direction IRA charges clients more when they put their retirement savings in a gold IRA.

Nonetheless, JM Bullion's direct-purchase method allows them to provide competitive prices. According to consumer testimonials, JM Bullion's pricing is comparable to other leading retailers. For example, a gold price tag of around $1,800 is reasonable.

Bars, coins and collectibles of varying rarities and purity levels are all available from JM Bullion's many distinct product lines and sourcing options. The minimum purchase quantity at JM Bullion is significantly lower than at competitors. Although a $2,500 minimum purchase is required when paying by wire transfer, Bitcoin, checks and PayPal require a $100 minimum purchase amount.

It's worth noting that JM Bullion offers a maximum buy amount in addition to a minimum buy amount, albeit it would be challenging to reach that limit.

All credit card transactions have a cap of $5,000, PayPal purchases have a cap of $10,000, checks have a cap of $50,000 and wire transfers have a cap of $150,000. A single Bitcoin transaction can purchase up to $250,000 in precious metals.

Should You Invest with JM Bullion?

As JM Bullion's collaborations offer prospects for new consumers, especially those interested in creating a new gold IRA account, we've discussed items and companies beyond what the firm provides.

All current and former members of the armed forces are eligible for a discount at JM Bullion. While this is more common for bulk purchases, military personnel are also eligible for special prices. Find the sign that says "as low as" to take advantage of the sale price.

Just provide your military ID to JM Bullion to be considered. After receiving this information through email, the company will apply the military discount to all qualifying items and purchases.

JM Bullion has received much positive feedback from regulars for many reasons, including the fact that the company will not work on commission and its unwavering military support. JM Bullion sells gold bullion without the markups and fees you'll find at other companies. Simply put, this firm employs a live pricing model.

JM Gold has reasonable prices and discounts for everyone who pays with a check or a direct bank transfer. There is a total savings of 4% by using these deals instead of alternative options.

To reiterate, JM Bullion exclusively offers live pricing on its precious metals. You may also ask for real-time pricing to see where prices stand and choose the optimal moment to purchase or sell.

Because of market volatility, JM Bullion asks consumers to "lock in prices" prior to checkout. Your final price will be guaranteed for the following ten minutes when you pay. If you keep us waiting at the register for more than 10 minutes, we reserve the right to charge you the going rate.

Which Forms of Payment Are Allowed by JM Bullion?

JM Bullion Gold IRA Review

JM Bullion accepts a variety of payment methods, including:

  • ACH transfer: Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers are electronic payments from a bank account. It is generally a safe and convenient payment method that is completed quickly.
  • Check: JM Bullion accepts checks for orders up to $50,000. Checks must be made to JM Bullion LLC and mailed to JM Bullion with a copy of your invoice.
  • PayPal: A popular payment method that allows customers to send payments instantly and securely. It is free to sign up for and easy to use.
  • Credit and debit cards: JM Bullion accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit and debit cards. You can purchase a $5,000 maximum with a credit or debit card.
  • Wire transfer: Wire transfers are a safe and secure payment method. JM Bullion accepts domestic and international wire transfers. Customers must contact JM Bullion's customer service team for wire transfer instructions.

Is It Possible to Pay Using Cryptocurrency at JM Bullion?

While many gold bullion dealers restrict clients from paying with cryptocurrencies, JM Bullion accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. In particular, JM Bullion accepts Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash as payment methods.

Remember that there is a maximum of $150,000 per Ethereum payment and $250,000 per Bitcoin transaction. Another crucial detail to remember is that if you're paying with Bitcoin, you'll have to call in to confirm and lock in your rates. Learn from other customers' experiences by reading reviews of JM Bullion to find out how they handled payments in bitcoin.

How JM Bullion Does Shipping of Orders

Once payment clears, orders from JM Bullion are usually sent out within three business days. Every order placed with JM Bullion is insured and sent by UPS or the US Postal Service. Those who need their purchases quickly might pay more to have them shipped via a faster method.

JM Bullion permits not only drop ship but also ships straight to clients for personal storage. Clients can have their valuable metals delivered to a JM-affiliated storage facility.

Storage Options Offered by JM Bullion

JM Bullion Gold IRA Review

Some choose a more secure location to keep their precious metals, while most JM Bullion clients store their purchases at home (particularly for smaller orders). JM Bullion and TDS Vaults have teamed up to offer storage options for customers who don't want to keep their belongings in their homes.

TDS Vaults is a global storage provider in Toronto, Las Vegas, Singapore and Zurich where customers may store their precious metals. All you have to do is sign up for an account with our storage partner, decide which vault you like and then purchase from JM Bullion.

If you'd want your new things delivered to a certain location, JM and TDS will collaborate to make that happen once the order is complete. TDS Vaults has two-tiered insurance coverage to put customers at ease. The facility purchases its insurance for your valuables and also provides its all-risk coverage.

Client Support

Providing excellent customer service is essential in any business but is paramount in the precious metals market. The truth remains, though, that business has flaws. How a company deals with its mistakes after they occur is crucial.

Although JM Bullion has successfully settled several client complaints and order concerns over the years, the company is not entirely conflict-free. Customers have complained that JM Bullion is unprofessional and lacks responsibility, which sets them apart from competitors.

One must take each evaluation carefully, but one must also balance the negative with the positive. JM Bullion, for example, has received glowing reviews on virtually every review platform.

While there may be some disagreements from time to time, the Better Business Bureau page for JM Bullion demonstrates that the company is committed to listening to its customers and resolving any concerns that may arise. It may be possible for businesses to cover up misconduct, but the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is relatively easy to fool. JM Bullion is still one of the greatest gold merchants, as seen by the company's A+ BBB rating.

Final Thoughts

Gold bullion buyers have a lot of alternatives and it can be difficult to filter them down. A gold IRA is a good option to protect your retirement savings from market fluctuations. JM Bullion cannot open your new account for you, but it can sell you precious metals and help you choose a trustworthy depository to store them in.

JM Bullion has earned its reputation for straightforward transactions, competitive pricing and attentive service. If you're interested in investing in gold but need to know where to start, go as far as JM Bullion.

This article has carefully examined and analyzed all the details you need about JM Bullion, including its pros and cons, product offerings, customer service and more. Considering your choices before settling on a certain gold IRA provider is a good idea. Our top-rated companies can help you open an account quickly and easily.

Don't forget to take advantage of our research if you are going to be making an investment of your hard earned money!

Make sure you are investing your money with a trusted company!

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