Gold Line IRA Review

Gold Line IRA Review

Goldline was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company has been working with precious metals for over 60 years, providing items to investors of platinum, palladium, silver and gold.

For retirement savings to save in a precious metals IRA, the company provides a large selection of popular IRA-eligible bars and coins. The collection also includes many desirable and rare coins for investors and collectors.

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About Goldline

Gold Line IRA Review

Goldline's so-called Express IRA® service makes it easy for consumers to open a Precious Metals IRA by guiding them through the process in just three simple steps.

To help offset the costs of maintaining an IRA account, the company also promises to provide free bullion coins to customers who meet specific criteria. In addition, shipping services are provided at no cost to the user to the chosen repository location.

Individuals can also use the company's repurchase program for bars and coins. Goldline's three-step process is simple and after the precious metals have been approved and validated, payment will be sent within 72 hours.

The company emphasizes that it does not purchase jewelry or any other kind of precious metals other than bars and coins.

Goldline Management

Unfortunately, no information on Goldline's upper management could be found after extensive searching on our part. We were still looking for information on Goldline's leadership or founding on its website or any other platform. However, you won't know exactly with whom you'll be collaborating, which can be unsettling.

Product Offerings

Gold Line IRA Review

Goldline offers a wide selection of rare metals. The oldest of their coins are from the 19th century. In addition, they have a supply of items you won't find elsewhere. Typically, their gold bars are either one or ten ounces (or one kilogram) in weight.

The IRA-eligible coins are stunning works of art. They have a wonderful selection of Austrian gold numismatic coins, especially since they are the sole dealers for some pieces. In addition to platinum, silver and palladium, they have a supply of other precious metals.

Cataloged gold bullion includes the likes of the American Gold Eagle and Buffalo. Today's most well-known silver products are US Silver Eagles and Australian Kookaburra Silver Coins. One example of a platinum option is the American Platinum Eagle. The firm provides a one-ounce bar of IRA-eligible palladium for those interested in investing.

Goldline IRA Custodians and Storage

Gold Line IRA Review

Goldline IRA Company has partnered with two notable IRA custodians, GoldStar Trust Company and Equity Trust Company, to provide Goldline clients with safe and secure storage of their gold and other precious metals.

GoldStar Trust Company has provided IRA custodial services for more than 20 years and Equity Trust Company is the largest self-directed IRA provider in the United States.

Both of these IRA custodians have been selected by Goldline for their trustworthiness and reliability. Upon choosing Goldline for their IRA services, clients can rest assured that their gold and other precious metals are safe and secure.

GoldStar Trust Company and Equity Trust Company maintain high security for all the assets entrusted to them, ensuring protection from theft and loss.


Gold Line IRA Review

Goldline's representatives told us that the firm might charge more since it offers a better service overall. The "Client Concierge" service and the "Price Guarantee Program" are two ways customers may get answers to inquiries concerning temporary changes. They offer both delivery and storage options to their customers.

Consumers must pay the business through spreads, sales fees and commissions. We always suggest our clients contact the organization by phone before purchasing to get these facts.

All customers of Goldline receive free shipments and the company provides adequate shipping insurance. Customers are required to sign for deliveries of Goldline items.

Goldline's decision to be more transparent about pricing follows a period of internal reflection during challenging business conditions. Moreover, the company has increased its openness to the public by sharing more information. The organization guarantees a seven-day price guarantee on all purchases over $10,000.


Gold Line IRA Review

Goldline IRA is a retirement planning and investment company dedicated to helping people reach their financial goals. They provide retirement strategies, portfolios and resources to help clients maximize their retirement savings.

It also offers a variety of educational and informational resources to help its clients understand retirement planning and investing.

Some of the educational resources provided by Goldline IRA include:

  • Free educational webinars: Goldline IRA offers live webinars and on-demand video presentations about retirement planning and investing. These educational webinars cover topics such as understanding your retirement options, setting retirement goals and planning for retirement income.
  • Retirement calculators: Goldline IRA provides a suite of interactive retirement calculators to help clients plan for their financial future. These calculators can estimate retirement income, calculate required minimum distributions and compare different retirement plan options.
  • Articles and advice: Goldline IRA publishes retirement planning and investing articles. These include information about IRAs, Roth IRAs, annuities and other retirement plans.
  • Expert advice: Goldline IRA offers clients the opportunity to speak with a Certified Financial Planner who can provide tailored retirement planning and investing advice. These experts provide comprehensive advice on retirement strategies, portfolio management and other financial topics.

Legal Issues with Goldline

Gold Line IRA Review

Due to the nature of the product and the market situation, the company's pricing is very variable. They were held accountable for doubling the price of rare artifacts and metals.

In 2006, the corporation began experiencing legal issues. An elderly couple claimed they were forced into a contract, but they were ultimately able to recover over $200,000 via consensual negotiations. All of the precious metals the couple had ordered were delivered to them.

Consumer Reports investigated Goldline and discovered the newspaper had made several journalists liquidate their personal belongings. Employees of any organization should refrain from providing investment advice, which is why it was a component of Goldline's 2006 voluntary agreement to look into whether or not one of their salespeople had been acting as an unlicensed financial advisor.

Disclosures involving precious metals were the subject of a 2010 congressional hearing. House member Anthony Weiner was the hearing's most vocal critic of the company. The case claims that the company deliberately deceived customers with the help of conservatives.

Several testimonies presented at the congressional committee emphasized the sufficiency of current common law rules in addressing the disclosure problem. This meant that when the hearing was over, Goldline faced no consequences. A measure presented in the House questioned the company's legitimacy, but it has yet to receive a vote since no representative was willing to sponsor it.

Yet at the same time, there was also a second investigation into the business. Many news sites have reported that over a hundred consumers in the United States have complained about Goldline's misleading advertising and products. This particular con, however, was different since it involved a second precious metals dealer. So, it took a lot of work for Goldline to track how many customers had filed complaints.

At this point, Goldline had an A+ rating with the BBB, whereas the other firm implicated in the fraud had a dismal F rating.

According to the press, the company's salespeople are incentivized to offer inferior goods at inflated prices by means of unethical sales commissions. According to reports in the media, higher-ups at Goldline pressured salespeople to focus on selling coins rather than bullion.

ABC News mentioned one customer who said he was forced into buying $5,000 coins. After purchasing the coins, the buyer discovered their true worth of $2,900. The salesperson's commission had a significant markup, but the company wanted to keep this from getting out.

Another customer alleges she was duped out of $13,000 by the firm when she purchased gold coins that were only worth $6,000. She tried to sell the things for $13,000, but the price of gold had nearly quadrupled in only three years, so no one was interested. She felt she had been misused.

Goldline's pricing has been consistently criticized in consumer reports. The company once offered a set of Gold Eagle coins for sale on its Goldline website for $6,000. Searches by customers on the websites of competing dealers revealed that those firms were selling those identical coins for around $3,000.

Goldline's price has been the focus of several complaints in consumer reports. Particularly, the company previously offered for sale, on its Goldline website, a set of Gold Eagle coins, with a price tag of $6,000. Searches by customers on the websites of competing dealers revealed that those firms were selling those identical coins for around $3,000.

Goldline was employing talk show presenters and guests to win over unsuspecting investors. The corporation made a handsome profit thanks to inexperienced investors in the gold and silver markets who needed to learn more to do their research on coin prices. Goldline's only chance of winning over the public was to employ famous people.

According to Consumer Reports, Goldline also has fair prices on a range of products. As a result, it was a limited-time offer for a certain item.

After being questioned about its pricing, Goldline defended its decision to charge more for its items than for bullion.

Factors such as product scarcity, transportation costs and the wages of compliance inspectors and salesmen, the corporation claims, justify the high prices.

Goldline also claimed that it gave accurate descriptions of products to buyers. The agreement included all fees and commissions and the firm conducted personalized inquiries into each customer complaint.

Complaints Website

Gold Line IRA Review

It has been over ten years since the City Attorney of Santa Monica established a formal online complaints mechanism. This would allow the city to collect evidence of any misconduct committed by the business. As of December 2010, the company's assets were frozen while the inquiry continued.

In 2011, residents of Santa Monica began filing formal complaints against the company. The attorney has filed 19 counts of theft and fraud against Goldline. An attorney who brought charges against Goldline said the company used "bait and switch" tactics to deceive its consumers.

When Goldline finally reached a settlement with the lawyer in February 2012, it had been a whole year since the original claims had been made. It has agreed to modify certain operations as part of a deal to avoid further injunctions. Now, an impartial third party will verify whether or not Goldline fully disclosed all markups and fees to customers over the phone.

Goldline also agreed to repay $4.5 million in merchandise to 43 customers who had filed complaints as part of the settlement. After that, the company negotiated the dropping of all criminal charges. Since then, Goldline has not been subject to any further legal action.

The harm to the company's reputation, though, was already done. Due to the damage to their standing, they will never be able to reclaim their former influence. The Goldline company has been acquired. Their old website, however, is still up and running. It no longer has authority over the policies that contributed to its downfall.

Pros & Cons of Gold Line IRA

There are a few Goldline IRA advantages:


  • They've been around for quite some time.
  • The company's policy of providing free delivery on all purchases makes it an excellent option for those on a tight budget.
  • They have many rare coins, so buyers can rest assured that their purchases will appreciate over time.
  • Investors in precious metals will benefit from Goldline IRA's extensive instructional resources. You'll find articles, videos and other materials here to help you learn about investing and make smart choices.
  • Goldline IRA provides access to metals that may and cannot be held in an individual retirement account. Both gold and silver are viable investment options for investors.


Customers face several drawbacks with the Goldline IRA:

  • There needs to be more openness from Goldline's upper management. Finding a qualified investment manager may be a daunting task.
  • Several legal challenges have been met by it throughout the years. Potential investors who want to ensure their money is safe may see this as a warning sign.
  • It's not autonomous because it's run as a subsidiary. This might restrict investing options and make it harder to capitalize on market fluctuations.
  • Investors are required to pay a commission on every transaction. For larger investments, this might entail higher fees compared to competing platforms.
  • Customers will not receive any special deals or discounts from this company. Deal-seeking investors may get into trouble because of this.

Why Add Gold to Your IRA?

Gold Line IRA Review

Having gold in your IRA presents many advantages.

Protection Against Inflation

Gold has historically been a good long-term investment thanks to its intrinsic value. In addition to enduring physical value, gold is also a rare commodity. It is widely recognized as one of the safest and most reliable stores of value available in the market today. If inflation is imminent, it might be worth keeping some gold in your IRA account to protect against it.


Gold can handle many different scenarios other than inflation. You can use your IRA to diversify your portfolio. Having gold in your IRA helps you manage risk by allowing you to take advantage of changing market conditions.

Earning Potential

Gold has the Potential to appreciate and grow in value over time thanks to its scarcity and intrinsic value. Gold bullion is also a good alternative investment because it is easy to trade, transfer privately and store securely.

Tax Benefits

Gold held in your IRA ensures that you can defer capital gains taxes. The proceeds associated with IRA gold can also be passed along to your chosen beneficiary, meaning the assets in your IRA account can be tax-free.

Peace of Mind

If you choose between owning a piece of gold that you'll view as a security or a piece of paper with no guarantee of value, you may choose gold. Gold is an alternative asset that, when held in your IRA, affords you the security and peace of mind that comes with a tangible asset.

Generational Investment

Gold is the perfect investment to pass on to the next generation. You can use an IRA gold account to pass on valuable wealth your family will appreciate, making it a great tool for financial planning.

Hedge Against Market Crash

The US dollar is slowly losing its value and we are now witnessing the beginning of a market crash. If you're worried about the future of the financial markets or want to protect your wealth, gold bullion may be a good asset in your IRA.

Bottom Line

Goldline's bad reputation makes it hard for them to recruit new customers. Their plans don't offer the services needed to succeed in the precious metals industry and their costs are higher than average. Goldline might need to be a more trustworthy company.

Your reluctance to invest with Goldline IRA in light of recent controversies and customer concerns is reasonable. When you consider their history of legal issues and the complaints they've received from clients, it's easy to understand why you should go elsewhere.

We don't want you to miss out on the potential rewards of a gold IRA, so we urge you to investigate our other recommended IRA providers.

These businesses have gained renown thanks to their dedicated customer service, diverse selection of investment opportunities and affordable pricing. They have a solid history of providing profitable returns and protecting their clients' capital from the risks of investing in the stock market.

Investing wisely in an IRA provider is crucial for optimizing your retirement funds. Doing little digging and comparing prices and features might help you get the most out of your money.

Please don't misunderstand us; we're not claiming that Goldline is a scam or an illegal enterprise; we don't approve of how they treat their customers. If you want to invest in a precious metals IRA, consider learning more about the firms we have highlighted as exceptional options.

We highly recommend you invest with our highly rated gold IRA companies for peace of mind and potential gains. Our top five recommended companies are ranked in order from #1 to #5 recommendations. They include Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold.

These companies offer excellent gold IRA services that will help you maximize your returns. They provide alternatives to the current gold and silver precious metals market, enabling you to invest in the most profitable assets.

Don't forget to take advantage of our research if you are going to be making an investment of your hard earned money!

Make sure you are investing your money with a trusted company!

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