Amagi Metals Review

Amagi Metals Review

Amagi Metals is a precious metals dealer that ships metals all over the globe. While they used to have a retail location, they appear to have closed it. However, they do have three offices located throughout the US.

This is a large company with a sprawling consumer base. So why was it so difficult for us to find reviews of their services? Are they actually a legitimate dealer?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Anthem Vault
  • Rating: 2/5

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About the Company

Amagi Metals Review

After operating a retail location for what looks like five years, Amagi Metals has transferred their business fully online. They started as an independent company, briefly shuttered their doors, and then reopened as a newly acquired subsidiary of the company Anthem Vault.

Unfortunately, Amagi Metals did start getting poor reviews from customers after being acquired by Anthem Vault. It's difficult to tell whether any of the management changed, but there is a marked drop in satisfaction on the Yelp page.

Keep in mind, though, that not all of the reviews were negative. They were about half positive and half negative.

The company's offices are located in Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas. Presumably this reach allows them to ship more efficiently all over the US and abroad.

According to their website, their company mission is to make it simple to buy precious metals. They are also committed to educating people about sound money and financial responsibility. To this end, there are multiple educational resources on their website regarding investments and the precious metals industry.

Available Metals

Amagi Metals Review

Unlike many other precious metals dealers in the US, Amagi Metals does not appear to have any information about IRAs on its website. They don't pair with custodians to help people open IRAs, nor do they have a separate section on their website to browse IRA-approved products.

For this reason, we don't recommend using this company if you're trying to purchase precious metals for your self-directed IRA. Items in a retirement account must adhere to strict purity and manufacturing standards. It's easiest to find the right items if you're looking at a website that filters for them.

Amagi Metals sells gold, silver, and platinum precious metals. Sources indicate that they have sold palladium in the past, but it doesn't seem to be listed on the website currently. It's possible that they just don't have any palladium products in their inventory.

A somewhat unique feature is that they also sell base metals. Base metals are much more common and don't have the same investment potential as precious metals. But they do often have uses in manufacturing and engineering, and some people like to own them as collectors items.

Our sources also indicate that Amagi Metals used to sell aluminum as one of its base metals. But like palladium, there's no aluminum listed on the site as of writing. The only base metal available for purchase is copper.

Aside from the different metals, the two remaining categories are "collectibles" and "accessories."

Items in the Categories

Amagi Metals Review

Now let's take a look at what items are available in each of the listed categories.

The Collectibles category appears to be empty. It seems that either they're sold out of their inventory, or they aren't currently stocking any collectible items.

The Accessories category has quite a few products. Some examples include:

  • Airtight capsules for multiple different coin and bar sizes.
  • Tubes made specifically for American Silver Eagles.
  • Tubes made specifically for silver rounds

That completes the category. There are three airtight capsules for different bar sizes, two for different coin sizes. All in all, not as robust a selection as we'd hope for.

Copper comes in the following categories:

  • Fractional mixes
  • Silver Bullet and Shield Copper
  • 1 ounce rounds

You can also filter the rounds by a subset of AVDP ounces.

The Silver Bullet category appears to include copper that's part of the Silver Shield collection. These coins are collectible and have a beautiful shine, but they're inexpensive enough not to break the bank. It's clear that these are meant more as gifts and novelty items than as true investments.

The platinum products are extremely limited. As of writing, the only one listed is a platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coin. The price is listed, but it's out of stock, so it can't be purchased.

Amagi Metals Review

Gold and silver, on the other hand, come with far more categories.

You can sort gold by categories that include:

  • Fractional gold
  • Different grams of gold
  • The US Mint
  • The Royal Canadian Mint
  • The Perth Mint in Australia
  • Coins, with a subset for foreign coins
  • Bars

The categories for silver are even more robust:

  • Fractional silver
  • Junk silver
  • Rounds
  • Coins
  • Monster boxes
  • Bars, with subsets for 10 and 100 ounces
  • All the same mints as with gold
  • The Royal UK Mint
  • The Chinese Mint
  • The Austrian Mint

It's clear that gold and silver make up the bulk of the Amagi Metals inventory and sales plan.

Unfortunately, having gone through the majority of the listed items on the website, it seems like Amagi Metals is struggling to offer the same diversity that other companies do. Their copper selection is incredible, no doubt about that. So they are a good place to spend your money if you're looking for copper.

But if you're in the market for silver, gold, or platinum, there's simply nothing here worth purchasing. You can find similar items with other dealers, many of whom will have much more positive reputations. With Amagi Metals, you're not really sure what you'll get.

Is Amagi Metals a Scam?

Amagi Metals Review

Amagi Metals does not appear to be a scam. The company has existed for several years and has positive feedback from multiple customers. However, there are also multiple negative reviews as well. People on Yelp have alleged that their money was stolen or disappeared during a transaction, that there were problems with using cryptocurrency, that the items they bought were never shipped, and that the company lacked transparency.

The negative reviews span 2015 through 2019, right after Amagi Metals was acquired by Anthem Vault. There are also positive reviews mixed in during the same time frame. It looks like there was about a 50/50 chance of having a great or terrible experience.

Yelp indicates that the retail location for Amagi Metals is now closed. It's unclear whether they have another retail location that they've moved to. They might also have closed their retail store due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whatever the reason, their website is still up and running. They do still appear to be doing online business.

There are no reviews or complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. But the BBB gives them an NR rating, indicating that there's not enough information to make a judgment. In addition, they're not accredited.

It's a good idea to work with accredited companies when you're making any kind of investment. That goes doubly for precious metals, since the industry is so rife with unethical policies.

We have had trouble finding reviews of the company's online services. It's possible that they're better at their online fulfillment than their retail work. But the reputation is still negative enough that we'd recommend avoiding this service. There's nothing they offer that you can't find from one of their competitors.

Pros & Cons of Amagi Metals


  • Gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum, and palladium available.
  • Educational resources available on the company's website.
  • Much wider range of metals than most precious metals dealers offer.


  • Multiple complaints about lost money, poor service, and slow order fulfillment at their defunct retail location.
  • Very few reviews of their online services.
  • No BBB rating or accreditation.
  • No IRA services or educational resources offered.

Final Thoughts

Amagi Metals is an intriguing company. It does set itself apart from the crowd by offering base metals in addition to precious metals. You can purchase copper, aluminum, and other items. They also have all four of the major precious metals.

But there are also significant drawbacks that we've found. Ever since Amagi Metals was acquired by another company in 2015, there has been an increase in negative feedback on their Yelp page. Though their retail location seems to be closed, customers said that there were issues with transactions, unfilled orders, and rude service staff.

It was hard to find any reviews of their online services through trusted third parties. Not only do they not have any BBB complaints or reviews, but they also don't have an accreditation or rating with the organization. The same goes for Trustlink, Trustpilot, and the Business Consumer Alliance. It's like the company is an online ghost.

There's nothing to indicate that you'll definitely have a bad time if you order from Amagi Metals. They might be perfectly pleasant to work with. But there's simply not enough data to go on. All we have are a handful of bad reviews and a complete lack of online accreditation.

There are many other companies that offer similar items while having much more positive customer feedback. It is novel that Amagi Metals sells base metals in addition to the precious items, but you can also purchase base metals anywhere if you really want them.

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