Survivorship Care Plan Builder

Survivorship Care Plan Builder

The Survivorship Care Plan Builder is a free, award-winning tool for oncology professionals. It will help you quickly make individualized Survivorship Care Plans for your patients.

How It Works

The Survivorship Care Plan Builder works by creating a unique Survivorship Care Plan for each patient that can then be printed out, emailed and/or stored electronically. Your Survivorship Care Plans will include:

  1. Contact information for the patient's care team (this is important for coordinating care)
  2. Background information on the patient’s diagnosis and medical history
  3. Treatment summary
  4. Follow-up care schedule, referrals and other recommendations for future care
  5. Assessment of the patient's ongoing concerns and suggested interventions
  6. Factsheets from the Survivorship Library on what to expect after treatment, guidelines for care and managing ongoing symptoms


The Survivorship Care Plan Builder is:

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving the Survivorship Care Plan Builder.