The Quick Extender Pro – Everything You Need To Know

A big penis helps you with confidence and respect from your romantic partners. However, a smaller than average penis takes a negative toll on your self-confidence and ruins your personal and romantic life. Many men suffer from an inferiority complex regarding their penis size.

Moreover, the market is filled with scams and harmful pills that negatively harm your health rather than helping you increase your penis size. This is where you need a faithful companion that can help you increase your size without harming your health. The Quick Extender Pro is one such tool that can help you increase your penis size without any problems.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

Quick Extender Pro Review

The first question that must have popped into your head is whether penis extenders work or not. You should be happy to know that penis extenders are scientifically proven to help men increase their penis size. Penis extenders do not promise a quick increase in your penis size overnight. Instead, it is a slow yet satisfying process that gently stretches the penis over months to naturally increase your size.

There are no harmful or long-lasting consequences associated with penis extenders, and as you do not have to take any unknown chemicals or pills. In addition to this, it is a non-invasive method of penis enlargement, and several studies prove its effectiveness.

According to a scientific study by the University of Turin, men who used a penis extender saw a massive increase of 32% in their flaccid penis. Moreover, their erectile function also saw an immense boost of up to 36%. Those men continuously used the penis extender for a period of six months and were satisfied with the results. In addition to this, their penis size remained large even after six months of stopping the penis extender.

If you want to buy a suitable penis extender for yourself, here are the topmost factors that should help you with your decision:

  • The penis extender should look and feel soft against your skin. Otherwise, you will have to suffer through horrible rashes on your gentle skin.
  • The penis extender should also offer customization and adjustability. It will help you continuously increase your size after the initial gains.
  • You should look for penis extenders that come with multiple rings. These rings will help evenly distribute the amount of strain on your penis.
  • The production should also deliver an open design, unlike penis pumps.

What Is the Quick Extender Pro?

Quick Extender Pro Review

There are tons of different penis extender companies that have been active for the last two decades. One such product is the Quick Extender Pro. It has been offering top-notch penis extending options to clients since the mid-2000s. Therefore, this penis extender comes with hundreds of satisfied customers and thousands of positive results.

The Quick Extender Pro has been active since the mid-2000s. This is why the manufacturers have had over a decade and a half to continuously refine the product to suit a wide array of customers. It currently has thousands of loyal customers who swear by this product. Therefore, you will find hundreds of positive reviews on the website, and you can also check real feedback from clients to make up your mind about this amazing option.

How Does It Work?

This penis extender works on the science of traction. This means that the basic process of enlargement relies heavily on the concept of gently pulling the penis from the base towards the tip. This gentle pull slowly creates micro-tears in the penis skin. Over months, there will be hundreds of micro-tears in your penis skin.

Once the body realizes that there are enough tears, it starts producing healthy cells to fill in those little tears. Therefore, the body starts producing more healthy cells that become a part of your penis and help you increase the size of your penis naturally. Scientists refer to this process as mitosis and cytokines.

Why Is Quick Extender Pro Different Than Other Options?

Quick Extender Pro Review

You will find hundreds of different penis extenders in the market. However, the majority of those penis extenders work according to the concept of tension. These penis extenders create tension by creating a perfect base for your penis and a noose that goes with the tip of your penis. There is also a strap for maximum comfort as the clients pull the tip away from the base.

If you read all reviews for those penis extenders, you will see that the clients continuously complain about the lack of comfort and proper enhancement. This is where the Quick Extender Pro truly shines through the heap of useless and redundant penis extenders. The manufacturers came up with the genuine method to offer maximum comfort and enhancement at your fingertips; dual straps.

The Dual Strap System

The clients have sung praises for the dual strap system offered by the Quick Extender Pro. This dual strap system serves as one of the most amazing and interesting features of this penis extender.

The manufacturers came up with the theory that instead of placing the entire strain of the process on one strap, the addition of another strap will help with an even distribution throughout the penis. This theory worked out successfully and made the entire process painless for the client.

Softer and Safer Materials

In addition to adding another strap to minimize the amount of discomfort associated with traditional penis extenders, the manufacturers also decided to upgrade the materials better to suit the requirements of a wide array of users.

Instead of using the traditional rough materials, the company decided to go with lightweight and hypoallergenic aluminum. This aluminum material is a medical-grade material and is certified for safe contact with the gentle skin of your penis.

Increased Amount of Tension

Similarly, another amazing addition by the company was the increase in the amount of tension for better results. The company decided to upgrade the amount of tension to 4000g.

This amazing force and the dual strap system allow users to quickly get their desired results with the minimum amount of discomfort. This is why the Quick Extender Pro is one of the best options in the market when it comes to naturally increasing your penis size without any long-lasting consequences.

What Are the Different Quick Extender Pro Packages?

The Quick Extender Pro currently offers four unique packages for clients. These packages include different options depending upon your personal preferences. Here is a cursory breakdown of the four packages.

The Deluxe Limited Edition

Quick Extender Pro Review

This is one of the best packages for customers who want to enjoy a holistic experience while increasing their penis size naturally. This package offers a 6-month warranty and you can return it at any time you want for a full refund. It includes the following things other than the actual Quick Extender Pro:

  • The Dual Strap System
  • A Beautiful and Robust Mahogany Case
  • Powerful Tension Springs
  • Enlargement Supplement
  • Medical Grade Memory Foam
  • Booster Pump
  • Aluminum Bars
  • Silicone Tubes
  • Travel Case
  • Measuring Tape
  • Progress Charts
  • Instructional Videos

The Deluxe Standard Edition

Quick Extender Pro Review

This is the second most common package for Quick Extender Pro. It offers less tension than other options, but it still offers plenty of different features and options for customers looking to naturally increase their penis size. It includes the following elements other than the actual Quick Extender Pro:

  • The Dual Strap System
  • Tension Springs
  • 1 Month of Supply for Enlargement Supplements
  • Foam Pads
  • Travel Case
  • Silicone Tubes
  • Instructional Videos
  • Measuring Tape
  • Progress Chart

The Value Edition

Quick Extender Pro Review

This is only a maintenance kit for the actual Quick Extender Pro. It comes with a limited number of items in it and it can only help customers extend their penis up to 7 inches. It is not recommended for beginners and it is primarily ideal for people who already own the entire Toolkit. This option includes:

  • The Dual Strap System
  • Tension Springs
  • Aluminum Bars
  • Silicone Tubes
  • Instructional Videos
  • Progress Chart
  • Measuring Tape
  • A $100 Voucher for Penis Enlargement Supplement

Curvature Correction and Peyronies

Quick Extender Pro Review

If you currently suffer from Peyronies or curvature issues, this option is just for you. This package contains the right set of tools that can help to correct the curvature of your penis and get rid of Peyronies without any issues. It offers the following tools at your disposal:

  • The Dual Strap System
  • Calibrated Tension Springs
  • Vitamin E Supplements
  • Aluminum Springs and Bar
  • Memory Foam
  • Silicone Tubes
  • Travel Case
  • Measuring Tape
  • Instructional Videos
  • Progress Chart

What Are the Benefits of Quick Extender Pro?

Quick Extender Pro Review

Finally, we get to talk about the amazing benefits of this brilliant penis extender. With hundreds of penis extenders in the market, you need to understand the different features associated with the Quick Extender Pro. Here are some of the topmost elements that can entice you towards choosing this penis extender for naturally increasing your penis size.


This is not directly related to the performance of the product but to the company that manufactures this product. Many companies that offer such options in the market do not have a high sense of professionalism.

Their websites look as if they were made in the 90s, and their respective customer service is also sub-par. This is why many men run away from buying penis extenders because the website looks dicey, and the customer service is dubious.

However, if you decide to go with the Quick Extender Pro, you will see that their website is up to the mark and look professional and modern at the same time. In addition to the good looking website, you will also find that their customer assistance is up to the mark and offers top-notch assistance to customers regarding their queries and concerns.

Product Delivery

Another great benefit of choosing the Quick Extender Pro for naturally increasing your penis size is the manufacturer's delivery mechanism. First of all, you will not have to wait for weeks or months to get your delivery. You can get started in as little as two days as the manufacturer offers quick delivery services all over the country.

In addition to fast and speedy delivery, the company also makes sure to offer nondescript shipping and delivery at your disposal. This way, clients do not worry about anyone finding out about the penis extender. Some men feel uncomfortable using such equipment, and this is why the company offers confidential delivery services.

Moreover, you will not have to assemble the penis extender by yourself. This is one of the best points when it comes to choosing the Quick Extender Pro. It comes pre-assembled, and you can get started in as little as two minutes after getting your delivery. You will not have to suffer through the complex procedure of assembling everything by yourself and making sure that it is up to the mark.

Compatibility and Fitting

What's the point of getting a penis extender if it does not even fit your penis? How will you even enlarge your penis with an unfit and uneven penis extender? This is where the Quick Extender Pro takes the lead and offers an adjustable fitting mechanism.

This way, anyone can order and enjoy this penis extender without worrying about the fitting and size of the device. You can quickly and easily adjust the base and the noose of this device according to your personal preferences. If you still do not understand how to adjust this device, the instructional DVDs and videos are a great help.

The Double Strap System

As mentioned earlier, this is among the best features of this penis extender. The Quick Extender Pro offers the double strap system that minimizes the amount of discomfort associated with enlarging your penis naturally.

This is why you can use the two straps to evenly distribute the amount of strain on your penis and enjoy the entire process for months. You will not feel any strain or pressure on your penis. Moreover, this lack of discomfort also encourages you to use this penis extender to achieve better results regularly.

Durability and Lightweight Material

One of the biggest cons of penis extenders is that the materials are either too rough or too weak. Some penis extenders break within the first few months, while others place a lot of stress on your penis. This is where Quick Extender Pro saves the day by offering hypoallergenic and lightweight materials at your disposal.

This penis extender relies on the use of a lightweight and hypoallergenic material. These aluminum bars and materials are made to last. In addition to durability, these materials also offer a soft touch against the gentle skin of your penis. You will not have to suffer through rough contact with your skin, and you can keep on using this penis extender for months without even feeling any itchiness or rash against your penis.

Refund Policy and Warranty

The company offers a comprehensive refund policy and warranty for the different packages. Users can easily enjoy up to six months of money-back warranty and get a full refund if they are unsatisfied with the results at the end of 6 months.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Quick Extender Pro?

Now that you thoroughly understand the basic features of the Quick Extender Pro, it is time to move on to the pros and cons of this amazing product. Let's take a look at the pros first. Here are the topmost proposed of the Quick Extender Pro:

  • This product comes pre-assembled from the manufacturer.
  • It is made from light and hypoallergenic materials that offer soft contact with your gentle skin.
  • The company offers free and discreet shipping all over the country. The shipping is also extremely fast.
  • The dual strap system offers a less painful experience than other options in the market.
  • You can start observing the results within the first three weeks of using this product.
  • Some customers have also reported enjoying more sensitivity during intercourse.

Here are some of the cons observed with the use of this product.

  • If you want to achieve results, you will have to use this product for six months consistently.
  • The manufacturers recommend against wearing this during sleep. It can harm your penis skin if you wear this product while sleeping.
  • Some customers think that the instructional videos are too complicated.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

There are hundreds of penis extenders available in the market right now. In addition to penis extenders and other physical tools, you can also purchase penis enlargement supplements and pills to increase your penis size. However, most of these options come with long-lasting consequences or minimal results.

This is where the Quick Extender Pro offers an amazing and exceptional experience for the users by offering visible results within the first three weeks of usage. Similarly, this product also offers a less painful experience for clients. So, if you wish to increase your penis size without hurting yourself, the Quick Extender Pro is a great option. With consistent use and the right set of tools, you can start seeing visible results within the first month and enjoy a larger penis according to your preferences.