Journey Forward and C/NET Solutions Innovate to Create Survivorship Care Plans

First-of-its-kind integration overcomes vexing challenge in developing survivorship care plans for cancer patients

C/NET SolutionsLOS ANGELES and OAKLAND, Dec. 12, 2013: Journey Forward, a leader in electronic survivorship care plans, and C/NET Solutions, a leading provider of cancer registry software, today confirmed the successful export of patient data from CNExT Registry software into the Journey Forward Survivorship Care Plan Builder. This milestone gives oncology professionals the ability to efficiently and accurately import most of the diagnosis and treatment summary information into survivorship care plans. These plans aim to improve coordination of care for cancer survivors throughout their lives while helping survivors and their care teams understand their cancer treatments and follow-up needs.

“Until now, survivorship care planning has not been an integral part of electronic medical records. Oncology teams had to input all data by hand, a time-consuming process rife with the potential for inaccuracies,” said Dr. Patricia Ganz, Director, Cancer Prevention and Control, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA. “Journey Forward and C/NET Solutions have overcome this barrier by exporting information from C/NET Solutions’ registry product—including staging and treatment regimen—into Journey Forward’s Survivorship Care Plan Builder where a full and individual Care Plan can then be completed. Journey Forward is aiding cancer survivors and their healthcare teams to import existing data into electronic Survivorship Care Plans.”

Patient Privacy Is Ensured
The Survivorship Care Plan Builder is a Windows-based software program. Because Journey Forward does not store any data, the patient’s information is private and the integrity of their medical information is protected. “We initiated the pilot project with Journey Forward last year because we saw the value it would add to cancer patient care and follow-up,” said Alan Houser, MS, MPH, Director, C/NET Solutions. “Together, we developed a working export and field-tested this solution with an enthusiastic group of healthcare professionals. They unanimously embraced its ease of use and our commitment to making cancer registry software and survivorship care planning software more accurate, powerful and useful.” Cancer survivors and health care professionals can download the free Survivorship Care Plan Builder from the Journey Forward website at Information about C/NET Solutions’ proprietary registry software, CNExT Registry, CNExT Enterprise and CNExT Multi-Hospital is available on

About Journey Forward
Journey Forward is a unique collaboration of organizations including UCLA’s Cancer Survivorship Center, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, the Oncology Nursing Society, Anthem, Inc. and Genentech. Journey Forward has promoted Survivorship Care Planning since it was identified as a significant gap in care by the 2005 Institute of Medicine (IOM) “Lost in Transition” report. The report found survivors are ‘lost in transition’ as they move from active treatment to survivorship. With no current system of coordinated follow-up care, Journey Forward was developed to help bridge the gap. Journey Forward continues to lead and innovate in survivorship care planning to ensure that the nation’s 14 million cancer survivors are no longer lost in transition. Please visit for more information.

About C/NET Solutions
C/NET Solutions, the maker of CNExT software, has been a leader and innovator in the cancer registry software field for 30 years. As a nonprofit organization, its commitment is to cancer registrars and quality data collection. C/NET Solutions is a part of the Public Health Institute. Please visit and for more information.

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