How do I save a Treatment or Survivorship Care Plan?

Save an open Treatment or Survivorship Care Plan by selecting Save  from the File menu or Care Plans sidebar (or by pressing Ctrl+S).

The first time you save a new Care Plan, the Medical Record Number will be suggested as the file name, provided you entered one. By default, Care Plans are saved in a folder named Survivorship Care Plans  in My Documents. If your organization does not permit patient data to be stored on a local hard drive, you can save Care Plans elsewhere like on a secured, shared, internal network. You can change the default save-location for Care Plans in Preferences.

Select Save As  to save a Care Plan under a different file name or in another location.

NOTE: On occasion, when users save their first Care Plan, they receive the error message: “Your Care Plan has been saved; however, you do not have sufficient user rights to save configuration information….” This happens when the folder where the SCPB configuration file is stored is designated as read-only. Until you clear this error, changes to the Regimen Setup, Survivorship Library, Custom Templates and autocompletion lists are not saved.

To correct this issue, ask your IT department to remove the read-only property from the following folder:

  • On Windows 8: %PROGRAMDATA%\NearSpace\Survivorship
  • On Windows 7: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\NearSpace\Survivorship
  • On Windows 10: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\NearSpace\Survivorship