How do I print a Treatment or Survivorship Care Plan?

At any point, you can print or preview your Treatment or Survivorship Care Plan. You can also export it as a PDF or Word file. To do this, open the Care Plan and select Print  from the File menu or Care Plans sidebar (or press Ctrl+P).

When you print or export a Care Plan, the five sections of the Care Plan Form (General Information, Background Information, Treatment Plan, Treatment Summary and Follow-Up Care) are always included. That said, when you were editing your Care Plan, you may have left some fields blank. With the exception of the Care Team table (in the General Information section), fields left blank won’t appear in the printed Care Plan.

From Print Options you can also attach documents from the Survivorship Library. For example, if this patient reported ongoing symptoms of anxiety and depression, you may wish to attach the factsheets on managing these symptoms, as well as information on what to expect, symptoms to watch for, follow-up care guidelines, etc.

Note: The printed Care Plan includes definitions for staging, grading and various acronyms, which are not displayed in the Care Plan template. Be sure to review the printed Care Plan for accuracy before giving it to a patient or other healthcare provider.