How do I make my own Care Plan templates?

The Cancer Care Plan Builder (Survivorship Care Plan Builder) includes templates for breast cancer, colon cancer, non-small-cell lung cancer and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. To add your own Care Plan templates:

  1. Select Templates  from the Tools menu or sidebar (or press Ctrl+T).


  2. From the Custom Templates dialog, double-click or select the green Add  button on the top right.

    Template manager

  3. Select the cancer type on the Properties screen. You can also add a subtype.

    Template editor

  4. Review each of the 5 Care Plan sections—General Information, Background Information, Treatment Plan, Treatment Summary and Follow-Up Care—and add fields as you see fit. Please note: All templates have a number of shared fields that cannot be moved, edited or deleted, including the patient name, date of birth, cancer staging, etc. These fields appear grayed out in the Template Editor.

    Template editor

  5. Select Ok  to save your template and close the Template Editor.
  6. To create a new Care Plan based on your custom template, select its icon from the Start Screen.

    Select custom template

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