How do I edit a Treatment or Survivorship Care Plan?

Please note: A Survivorship Care Plan is intended to be a summary document whose purpose is to assist the healthcare team in coordinating care for the patient after active treatment ends. A Treatment Plan or Survivorship Care Plan does not replace the medical record and a complete medical history provided by the patient.

Survivorship Care Plan Sections

All of the Care Plan templates have 5 sections, which are available at the top of the template as shown below.

Survivorship Care Plan sections

Section 1: General Information
Here you'll enter contact information for the patient and his or her care team. This is important for coordinating care.

Section 2: Background Information
Here you'll provide basic information on the patient’s medical background and diagnosis, including family history, genetic testing, surgeries, chemotherapy and other health concerns. Again, this is not comprehensive or meant to replace the patient's complete medical record.

Section 3: Treatment Plan
Here you'll enter the patient's planned course of treatment. In the cancer-specific templates (lymphoma, breast, colon and lung cancer), you can select the chemotherapy regimen from a list of commonly used regimens. In the generic template, you must enter the individual therapeutic agents and schedule for the patient.

Section 4: Treatment Summary
Here you'll enter summary information describing the actual course of treatment, including deviations from the treatment plan, serious toxicities, hospitalizations during treatment, additional surgeries and medications.

Section 5: Follow-Up Care
Here you'll select the follow-up care schedule, preventive care recommendations, and any additional needs, concerns, interventions or referrals.

Field Types

The Survivorship Care Plan Builder (SCPB) includes several types of fields, including:

  • Text fields: Enter information with your keyboard.
  • Selection lists: Select from a list of values or enter information with your keyboard.
  • Date fields: Type in a date or select a date from a calendar.
  • Checklists: Select 1 or more item from a list.
  • Radio buttons: Select 1 of 2 or 3 choices.

You can also leave fields blank. With the exception of the care team contacts, fields that you leave blank will not appear in the printed Survivorship Care Plan.

Managing an Autocomplete List

Many text fields have autocomplete, which means that previous entries are remembered and available for selection. To remove an entry, such as a misspelled name or out-of-date phone number, right-click in the text field to display the autocomplete list and select the item you want to remove.

Moving Between Sections

To move between sections, use the links at the top or the Previous and Next  links at the bottom.