How do I add a regimen that's missing from the Cancer Care Plan Builder?

The Cancer Care Plan Builder (Survivorship Care Plan Builder) includes a number of common chemotherapy regimens. These are available for selection in the Treatment Plan section of Care Plan Templates. If your practice uses a regimen that is not included in the Regimen Library, you can add it and then it will be available for selection in the Care Plan template.

Open Regimen Setup by selecting Regimens  from the Tools menu or sidebar (or by pressing Ctrl+E). You will see a list of cancer types. Select the "+" to show regimens for a cancer type. Regimens that you or another user have added will have a red asterisk. They can be deleted; other regimens cannot. To make a regimen unavailable  for selection from the Care Plan templates, uncheck the box next to it.

Chemotherapy Regimen Setup

Adding a New Regimen
You can add regimens in two ways: You can either create a copy of an existing regimen and customize it, or you can define a new regimen from scratch.

Customize regimen makes an editable copy of the selected regimen. The Regimen Editor  appears with the information from the regimen you are using as a starting point already filled in. The name of the regimen is now preceded by the word “Custom.” You can (and probably should) change this name; however, you cannot give the regimen the same name as a regimen that already exists in Regimen Setup. Edit your copy of the regimen as needed. For example, in the Summary field, edit the dosing, schedule and route. Then add, edit or remove agents from the chemotherapy table. You can also add a citation. Save your changes by selecting Apply  or select OK  if you are finished.

Once the new regimen has been saved, it will appear in Regimen Setup and  in the Care Plan Templates' regimen selection lists.

Add new regimen  is similar to Customize regimen. The difference is that you have no starting values to work from.