How do I add my own materials to the Survivorship Library?

The Survivorship Library includes hundreds of factsheets on symptom management, follow-up care and other survivorship issues. These can be attached to individual Care Plans before printing. If you have materials that you often share with cancer survivors -- like information on your institution's survivorhip services, factsheets on managing symptoms, wellness recommendations, etc. -- we recommend you add these to the Survivorship Library. To do so:

  1. Select Library  from the Tools menu or sidebar (or press Ctrl+L).
  2. Select a cancer category. For documents that apply to multiple cancer types, select "General." lf need be, you can add additional categories with the green "+." However, you can't delete categories.
  3. Next select the green "+" above the document list as shown below.


  4. This will open the Document Editor. Enter the document title and body text. Then select Save  and Close.

    Survivorship Library document editor

As with regimens, you cannot edit or delete documents that come with the Cancer Care Plan Builder. But, you can save and edit a copy of any document. Select "a|e" to open the document, and use Save As  to save it under a different name.