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When you print a Treatment Plan, Treatment Summary or Survivorship Care Plan, the Care Plan Builder will only print the fields into which you entered data. This makes it difficult—but not impossible—to print a blank Care Plan.

Printing a Blank Care Plan
Follow these steps:

  1. Select a template in the Cancer Care Plan Builder.
  2. Go through the form and add something to every field. For example, add the word "SAMPLE" to every field and add the date "01/01/2001" to all date fields.
  3. Use Print Options to export a copy of this Care Plan to Word.
  4. Open the Word document (which will be saved in My Documents/Survivorship Care Plans).
  5. Delete the values you entered, including any dates, occurrences of the word "SAMPLE" and other selections.
  6. Make any further changes you desire to your blank Care Plan.

Alternatively, you can use My Care Plan.The advantage of My Care Plan is it's already a writable, printable PDF form. It also has an expanded psycho-social assessment. The disadvantage is, compared to the Survivorship Care Plan Builder forms, the Treatment Summary is abridged.

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