Financial And Legal Concerns After Having Cancer

Often, victims get concerned about work, superannuation, insurance policies, and financial issues after any severe illness. Cancer treatment and management is a nightmare and a financial strain to many people, regardless of the insurance coverage.

When cancer sets in, an individual may be rendered jobless. Besides, the rampant travel expenses to get better cancer treatment leads to financial drain. Cancer remains a menace even to individuals with excellent insurance covers. The impact may be huge if you hail from a low-income set-up.

It’s always overwhelming to keep track of the bills, paperwork, tests, and various records. The cost of treating cancer may subject you or your loved ones into financial distress.

To avoid financial toxicity related to the cost of cancer treatment, consider the following tips:

  • Seek financial support.
  • Organize your statements and medical bills.
  • Keep track of the medical information.
  • Understand what it costs for the clinical trials, physician bills, and treatment costs.
  • Understand the insurance coverage.

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Financial counselors will help you solve the insurance and financial issues before the cancer treatments or chemotherapy sessions. They offer financial counseling, eligibility criteria explanation, insurance authorization, as well as medical screening necessity.

On the other hand, patient resource coordinators will provide you and your loved ones with healthcare referrals, medical appointments, transportation, and various additional financial assistance. It is prudent to reach out to the social workers. They specialize in offering emotional and practical concerns.

Financial And Legal Concerns After Having Cancer

Most cancer patients struggle to maintain their weight while undergoing cancer treatment. Dietitian or physician may recommend a particular nutritional supplement. However, unless the physicians administer it through the feeding tube as the only dietary support for the patient, the insurance will not cover the cost of such supplements.

Note that it’s common to find samples and coupons of supplements in most oncology centers. However, it would be best if you inquire from your physician or dietitian. Your insurance is likely to cover notable items like bedside commodes, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and walkers.

Professionals at the Cancer Legal Center are ready to respond to queries you and your loved ones may have. You will learn about community activities and outreach programs that educate and support the affected cancer patients and their families.

Additionally, they support advocates and healthcare specialists, too, on employment maintenance during the treatment period. You may enjoy estate planning, medical leave, and the various government benefits from the Cancer Legal Center.

It is advisable to contact local councils or the loan providers if they lend you a loan or cover your medical bills. You may also discuss with the superannuation fund on application and early release of the savings. It will help you in case of severe financial constraints.


Financial And Legal Concerns After Having Cancer

Not that it may be challenging to get income protection and life insurance when cancer sets in. Your insurer will require detailed medical history and cancer diagnosis report. It implies that one should be in a position to cater for other things unrelated to the carcinoma.

The unrelated items include accidental death insurance and lost luggage travel insurance. We understand that it’s an uphill task to have cancer-related travel insurance. However, it would be best if you can cater to the medical costs unrelated to cancer.

It would be best to do a thorough check on what a given insurance covers before subscribing to another insurance policy.

Advance Care

Financial And Legal Concerns After Having Cancer

It’s wise for your family to know your wish if you get into a position where you cannot make the decisions. Advance directive completion is a method of making your medical treatment wishes known. Ensure you or your loved ones suffering from cancer have legal documents, including:

Testament and Last Will

The wills outline how you would wish your assets and possessions to get distributed upon your demise. You may decide to write the will personally or hire an attorney to draft it up.

Living Will

This document entails treatment instructions to your loved ones and physicians if you get to the point that you can no longer articulate the issues yourself.

Medical Power of Attorney

The form allows you to select a trusted friend or relative to supervise your medications when you cannot monitor the health care by yourself.